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  • What’s the Difference between a Compactor and Baler?

    Some people who are new to the recycling and waste management industry may not fully understand the difference between a compactor and a baler. If you have a business that involves handling waste or recyclable material, both a baler and a compactor can help make managing the waste easier and more co

  • What are the differences between parallel and conical twin-screw extruders?

    According to the direction of rotation of the twin-screw, the extruder can be divided into two extruders: the same direction and the opposite direction. The same direction extruder has the same rotation direction when the two screws work, and the counter-rotating machine refers to two screws. The di

  • What Is Plastic Extrusion?

    Have you ever wondered how composite windows, vinyl fencing, or freezer gaskets are made? These products and many others are produced using a high-volume manufacturing process called plastic extrusion.An extruder is the piece of equipment at the heart of this manufacturing technique. Extruders consi

  • How to Extend the Service Life of High Speed Mixer?

    The high speed mixer combines the hot mixing and cold mixing processes, and the hot mixing materials are automatically cooled into cold mixing to remove residual gases and prevent agglomeration. The liquid raw materials with different viscosities are pulverized, dispersed, emulsified and mixed, and

  • What Should you Pay Attention to When Operating the Extruder?

    Before starting the extruder, check the inside and outside of the barrel, whether there is any foreign matter in the upper and lower sides of the hopper, check whether the fastening bolts of each part are loose, whether the safety cover is firm, whether the position of each button switch is corre

  • How to choose right hydraulic baling machine for your waste recycling purpose?

    WANROOETECH hydraulic baling machine covers a wide range of waste materials incl waste carton, paper, fabric (i.e. used clothes, rags), PET bottles, aluminum cans, coconut fiber, tyres/tires, drums, computer/TV shells, wood shaving, chaffs, cotton seeds, rice husk, waste baling and more.Fitting your w

  • PE PP plastic film recycling equipment

    PE PP plastic film recycling equipment is an ideal equipment in waste plastic recycling industry, with leading technology in the world. This PE PP plastic film recycling unit is mainly for PP PE plastic film: the used plastic film are teared and crushed, then after being washed, dewatered and dryed,

  • Three methods to improve the efficiency of pvc high speed mixers

    Currently, there are many types of mixing equipment, such as ribbon mixers, cone mixers, v-type mixers, and three-dimensional mixers. No matter what kind of mixers are used, their respective structures are different. For mixer users, the quality, uniformity, and efficiency of mixed materials are the





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