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Wood Size Reuction

Wood Size Reduction

Process overview:
Recycling in this industry means mostly to convert the input materials into a homogeneous product, which is then normally used as a fuel for any kind of boilers.
Input materials usually come in the form of cut offs from joineries and saw mills, used wooden pallets, construction waste and similar sources. The final size of the product is very much depending on its use and can be large chunks to go directly into big industrial boilers; medium to small size chips for house hold boilers or to be processed into briquettes; small chips to saw dust to make pellets or to be used in chip boards and as fillers.


Our solution:
As we have a large range of machines to suit such applications we are able to serve the whole industry with just the right machine, from the little joinery to the large pellet producer and we are further able to get a final product of virtually any size, from chunks to wood dust.
The primary mission of WANROOE has always had to be on The cutting edge of what our customers need. Thanks to a variety of our wood shredder those and rotor variants, our wood shredder can process a wide range of wood wastes "according The customer 's requirements.For these applications WANROOE offers a large series of wood shredders to suit your requirement. There are two main model of wood shredders, they are:
1.Double Shaft Wood Shredder:
Light duty wood shredder 
Medium duty wood shredder 
Heavy duty wood shredder
2.Single Shaft Shredder 
Light duty wood shredder
Medium duty wood shredder 
Heavy duty wood shredder .
Our wood shredders configured in a variety of sizes, power options, and cutter geometries.
Waste Wood Shredder And Wood Pallet Shredder 
To round up our supply abilities we have a large choice of standard and customized auxiliary products like conveyors, separators, blowers and cyclones which enables us to offer whole turn key set ups or complete your existing recycling lines




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Established in the year 1998,Wanrooetch is an ISO 9001: 2008, CE certified original manufacturer, exporter and supplier of plastic and rubber/tire(tyre) processing machinery. Due to our constant commitment to extrusion and recycling technology...



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