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Car Bumper Recycling Machine

Car bumper recycling machines can dispose of waste plastic car bumpers, etc. The Car bumper recycling process includes shredding, crushing, and pelleting. PLC intelligent system realized high automatic, the whole line just needs 2-3 man to operate. With over 20 years of experience in recycling, wanrooe not only mastered the key technology but also improved machine designs to address specific product features. Car bumper recycling line with high output and low energy consumption.


Why do we need to recycle plastic car bumpers?
On modern automobiles, the bumper consists of a plastic cover over a reinforcement metal bar. It is attached to vehicles’ front-most and rear-most ends and designed to protect the car's body in collision by absorbing the impact. With the rapid development of the economy, more and more people can afford cars, and this results in an increasing number of cars being produced, used and thrown away. Vehicle bumper recycling is a good solution. Some recycling machines like vehicle bumper shredders can help to make the whole process much easier.

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Bumper is a relatively large size component, the general selection of ABS, PPO, PP, PVC and other enhanced engineering plastics. These parts will increase the strength of the material by adding glass fiber. Bumpers comprise a large proportion of the plastic material used in automobiles. Conventionally, scrap vehicle bumpers are incinerated to recover heat energy (thermal recycling). With the growing environment protection consciousness and improvement in technology, end-of-life vehicles (ELV) bumpers are now collected and recycled into raw plastic resin for use in producing new plastic products such as green mesh, geogrid, building materials, waterproof materials, etc. Raw material recycled from waste vehicle bumpers can also be made into new vehicle bumpers by mixing the raw material with 7% glass fiber as well as a certain percentage of PBT material. Such green recycling not only improves the material recycling ratio (MRR) but also makes a significant contribution to the more effective use of resources.


How to recycle plastic car bumpers?

In the auto bumper recycling process, the bumper needs to be firstly pre-shredded by a double shaft shredder, then unwanted materials such as metal attachments are removed by suspended magnetic separation and magnetic rollers, then further processed by a hammer crusher to get small pieces of 3-12mm, and finally further removed by suspended magnetic separation and magnetic rollers to ensure no metal, then the plastic is melted and made into granules by a plastic granulator. as raw material for manufacturing new plastic products.


Plastic car bumpers recycling process:

Twin-shaft shredder + discharge conveyor + suspended magnetic separator + magnetic roll + hammer crusher + discharge conveyor + suspended magnetic separator + magnetic roll+ discharge conveyor + plastic waste pelletizer


Car Bumper Recycling Crusher Video:

Car Bumper Recycling Main Equipment:

Car Bumper Shredder:
bumpers are transported into a shredder by an infeed conveyor and then the bumper is shredded into small pieces(40mm). An industrial shredder’s slow-rotating rotor shears and cuts car bumpers into pieces. With the help of a hydraulic pusher, a load of car bumpers is broken down.


Plastic car bumper crusher in car bumper recycling 
Automobile car bumper hammer crusher for the use of hammer type crushing principle of crushing equipment, the main characteristics of the machine is to all kinds of heat-resistant plastic, high hard brittle plastic crushing processing. However, because the machine is prone to heat after a long time of use, it is limited to the crushing of bumpers, TV sets, washing machines and induction cooker shells.


Magnetic Separator:
Through the magnetic separator, the metal removal rate reaches 99.7%


Plastic Pelletizer Machine:
Plastic car bumper scrap can be passed through a plastic granulator and then new plastic pellets are obtained.


Commercial Values of Car Bumper Recycling
The recycled raw material from scrap vehicle bumpers can also be converted into new vehicle bumpers by mixing the raw material with 7% fiberglass as well as a certain percentage of PBT material. This environmentally-friendly business not only improves the material recycling rate (MRR) but also contributes significantly to the more efficient use of resources.


In the WANROOETECH product range, we offer various plastic car bumper recycling solutions to meet your specific need. Contact us to tailor an optimal car bumper size reduction solution for your project.

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