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Waste Paper Recycling Pulping Machine

The waste paper recycling pulping machine is composed of a waste paper shredder and a pulping machine. It is mainly composed of a frame, a housing, a coupling, hammers, a screen, a belt pulley, a motor frame, a motor, and a feeding foil. The structure is simple and the layout is reasonable. The hammers are made of manganese steel with high wear resistance. The finished material size can be crushed into paper fluff according to the special screen holes inside. Waste paper recycling pulping machine is mainly used to crush waste paper from overseas into paper fluff for recycling as virgin pulp.

Waste Paper Recycling Pulping Machine


The production method of the waste paper recycling pulping machine is ingenious and the steps are simple. In view of the characteristics of the current domestic "waste ban", after simple processing of waste paper, it can be turned into waste paper pulp after preliminary processing (paper pulp is allowed to be imported in China), which can pass customs inspection. Moreover, the quality of the waste paper pulp after preliminary treatment is far higher than the waste paper recycled in China at present. Domestic paper mills can be mixed with virgin pulp directly without further processing, which is very effective and is deeply loved by domestic paper mills.

waste paper recycling pulping machine process



The waste paper recycling pulping machine can be used for the recycling and pulping of paper tubes, paper cores, paper rolls, newspapers, cardboard boxes, waste paper boxes, packaging boxes, hard paper, corrugated paper, paper mill waste, high-grade paper, yellow board paper, edge paper, enterprise unit paper, engineering paper, books and newspapers, etc.

waste paper recycling pulping machine application


Waste paper recycling pulping machine process:

waste paper recycling pulping machine process

1. Plate chain conveyor    2. Double-shaft shredder   3. Suspended magnetic separator   4. Shredded material output conveyor (sealed)   5. Double-screw fabric hopper   6. Feeding conveyor for shredder   7. Heavy-duty dust-free compound crusher 8. Dust removal pipe   9. Dust Collector No. 1    10. Cyclone hopper    11. U-shaped fireproof pipe   12. Pulse dust collector   13. Dust collector No. 2   14. Output conveyor No. 3


The waste paper recycling pulping machine provides a dry paper pulp production method for waste paper, which includes the following steps: waste paper pre-treatment, waste paper crushing, dry pulping, pulse dust removal, strong magnetic deironing, and hydraulic packaging.


Plate chain conveyor: The waste paper is first transported to the double-axis shredder by the plate chain conveyor.


Double shaft shredder: The double-axis shredder shreds the waste paper into small pieces for subsequent processing.


Suspended magnetic roller: The suspended magnetic roller is used to remove iron nails, iron filings, and other ferromagnetic impurities from waste paper.


Magnetic separator: The magnetic separator is used to remove plastic, tape, and other non-ferromagnetic impurities from waste paper.


Buffer feed hopper: The buffer feed hopper is used to store the waste paper after being processed by the double-axis shredder, suspended magnetic roller, and magnetic separator.


Variable frequency feeding conveyor: The variable frequency feeding conveyor is used to evenly feed the waste paper to the waste paper pulping machine.


Heavy-duty dust-free compound crusher: The waste paper crusher machine converts waste paper into pulp, and the pulp size can be adjusted according to needs.


Feeding conveyor: The feeding conveyor transports the pulp to the packing machine.


Baler Machine: The baler machine packs the pulp into a certain shape for easy transportation and sale.


Advantages of the waste paper recycling pulping machine

  • In view of the fire risk of dust-free dry pulping

  • this waste paper recycling pulping machine is specially equipped with a water mist spray device to prevent open fire from entering the pulse dust collector and causing major safety accidents.

  • The process is simple, easy to operate, and easy to maintain.

  • The utilization rate of waste paper is high, which can reduce the amount of waste paper landfill.

  • The production cost is low, with certain economic benefits.

  • No water is added in the crushing process, so the pulping equipment does not need to consume a lot of power to offset the resistance of water.

  • At the same time, a large amount of heavy impurities can be removed from waste paper during the crushing process.

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