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Plastic Film Squeezing & Pelletizing Line

Plastic film squeezing pelletizing machine developed by our company combines the functions of three machines: squeezing machine, pelletizing machine and agglomerator. 

It simplifies the process of squeezing and granulating of plastic film and woven bags. The machine is equipped with special screw, hard surface reducer, screen plate, pelletizer, air delivery, etc. It is the fully automatic equipment for squeezing and plasticizing for plastic film, agricultural film, thin plastic flake etc.


There are three types for your choose:

1. jaw style, control the outlet pressure to adjust the drying effect

2. breaking style, with a movable device to control the pressure and break the materials

3. hot melting style, with heating part to make the materials to semi-melting grade to get a better quality effect.

Plastic Film Squeezing & Pelletizing Line Description:

After the film woven bag is crushed and washed, the moisture content is very high, thus, granulation with water has higher requirements on the machine’s heating system, also the motor load is big, but the output is low. The granulation equipment is difficult for running stably and has low economic benefits. Therefore, Our company has developed the squeezing and pelletizing machine especially for plastic film. The machine adopts the principle of screw squeezing, electric heating drying and plasticizing, and then pre-pelletizing, which can leads to good pelletizing performance and high output.

Plastic film pelletizing line adopts water ring grinding surface pelletizing (horizontal type, vertical type), which is often used for pelletizing PE, PP, ABS, but PET and PA raw material particles are not suitable for pelletizing by this method. The horizontal type is easy to operate and suitable for PE materials. Compared with PP pellets, it is not suitable. It must be equipped with a dehydrator; the vertical type has high pressure, but the operation is slightly more complicated. Generally, it is suitable for PP materials.

The machine is easy to operate. The output can be customized according to customer requirements. The hot pelletizing die is particularly designed according to the material characteristics. For the common PE film, it can be cut into flake with the thickness of 1 mm and the diameter less than 10 mm, which is an ideal raw material for the granulation equipment. The electrical system adopts microcomputer PLC programming control, and the whole process is automated. After the test is completed, the operating staff only needs to adjust the pelletizing time according to the situation, and the panel is equipped with emergency top, which saves labor costs and ensures the safety of the operating environment.

Working principle: 

Equipment composition structure: feed screw, feed bin, reducer, extrusion screw barrel, die head, air-cooled die face pelletizing system, cooling fan, storage bin, drainage system, control cabinet! The control system of the equipment is manufactured by the European CE standard design machine! The squeezing granulation system.

It has an interlock protection system. When the main motor is over-current, the control system will send out an audible and visual alarm, and at the same time automatically stop the screw feeder from feeding to protect the main motor from running smoothly! The pelletizing system is equipped with a safety limit switch. When the pelletizing cavity is opened, the cutter is replaced, and the maintenance is performed, the control system is interlocked

All operation buttons are prohibited from starting to protect the safety of maintenance personnel!

The working process of the equipment is: the material enters the extrusion screw and screw barrel from the inlet, and the extrusion screw squeezes the material to the outlet. In this process, the plasticized material is squeezed out, the water flows out from the leaking tank, and the pelletizing knife cuts the extruded semi-plasticized dry plastic into pellets. The fan conveys the granular material to Silo while cooling the cut plastic particles.

The general processing materials are PE, PP, BOPP, PVC, PS material film, and also can be nylon fishing net and diapers. At the same time, it can also be used as a means of processing paper pulp, and the squeezed and pelletized paper pulp can be used as a power generation combustion material in a power plant.


Plastic Film Squeezing Pelletizing Machine Application:

Clean industrial film

PP, PE, BOPP Film, Agricultural film

Tons of bags

Non-woven fabric scraps, protective clothing, masks, etc.

Various heavy printing films, and aluminum-plastic packaging films, etc.

Diapers leftovers

PS lunch boxes and other foam plastics and foam insulation materials

EPE pearl cotton and other foam packaging materials

Plastic fiber waste and fishing nets, etc.

Paper pulp and mixed various waste plastics with moisture and miscellaneous materials

Plastic Film Recycling, Plastic Film Pelletizer, Plastic Squeezing Drying Pelletizer, PP PE Film Squeezing Dewatering Pelletizing


Solve the problem of difficult dehydration of traditional soft film or filamentary plastics. In traditional centrifugal dehydrators, the final product dryness is only 15-20%. If multi-stage air delivery and hot air drying are used, because the drying time is too short, there will still be at least 10% moisture and consume a lot of electricity. 

As a result, the operating cost of the customer’s recycled materials is too high, and the finished product is difficult to be competitive in the market! The squeezing pelletizer granulator was born under this background. 

It can easily control the moisture of the cleaned material below 3%. At the same time, it can also control plastic film, tons of bags, diapers, etc. that are traditionally difficult to dehydrate. 

The filamentous plastic is semi-plasticized into granules, which improves its bulk density, facilitates the granulation of the subsequent equipment, and can also replace the traditional agglomerator! In this way, we have achieved the effect of killing four birds with one stone: saving electricity, saving labor, improving material dryness, and increasing output!


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