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Wood Pallet Recycling Line

Wood Pallet Recycling Line

Wood pallet recycling line can treat wood pallets such as wood plates, wood boxes, wood boards, etc. The whole process includes plate chain conveyor belt, shredding, magnetic separator, conveyor belt, hammer crusher, magnetic separator, and conveyor belt. PLC intelligent system realized high automatic, the whole line just needs 1-2 man to operate. With 20 years of experience in recycling, Wanrooe not only mastered the key technology but also improved machine designs to address specific product features. Wanrooe offers wood pallet recycling solutions that are high output and low energy consumption.

Wood Pallet Recycling Line

Wood Pallet Recycling Line Applications:

wood pallet recycling line is used for recycling wood residues, wood pallet,  fiberboard,  plywood, paper products, box and construction waste, etc.

Why do we need to recycling wood pallets?

Wood Pallet is a widely used packing solution for cargo transportation due to its convenience and easiness of handling. This would be originated in the 20th century '30s, the US Army for the first time used pallets to improve cargo transporting and handling efficiency, ensuring the material supply. After that, pallets became widely used in countries around the world. 

Nowadays, in the US, 80% of the merchandise trades are transported by pallet, in Europe, 0.28 billion pallets are in use and circulated among enterprises each year. In China, there are about 0.1 billion pallets in use. Among all these pallets, 90% of them are wood pallets. The recyclable plastic pallets only take up 8%. The use of this large proportion of wood pallet is because wood pallet is cheaper and stronger. How do recycle scrap wood pallets in a cost-effective and efficient way? Wood recycling machines like wood pallet shredders can help.

Wood Pallet Recycling Line Work Flow:

Plate Chain Conveyor Belt →Shredding→Magnetic Separator→Conveyor Belt→Hammer Crusher→Magnetic Separator→ Conveyor Belt→Collection Bin

wood pallet recycling final products

Plate Chain Conveyor Belt: It adopts hinged galvanized chain plate for material transfer, which has the characteristics of large load capacity and strong wear resistance, and has functional control functions such as remote start/stop, emergency stop and speed.


Shredder: Wooden pallet products contain metals, such as nails and bolts, which pose a threat to general shredders. With intelligent control and nitriding-surface hardening rotors, Wanrooe shredders are not afraid of foreign objects.


Magnetic Separator: The type of magnetic separator is permanent magnetic self-unloading, which can effectively remove ferrous metals from wooden pallets, so that on the one hand the metals can be recycled and reused, and on the other hand reduce the metal from entering the back end of the chain so as not to affect other equipment.


Hammer Crusher: crushing the shredded wood pallets into wood chips.


Magnetic Separator: separating the metal or iron nails etc. in the wood chips, separating the wood chips from the metal.


Wood Pallet Recycling Shredding Line Video:

wood pallet shredder(single shaft shredder)

wood pallet shredder(double shaft shredder)

Along with the wide use of wood pallet, every day it generates a large volume of waste/broken wood pallets that needs to be disposed or recycled.  Shredder is very necessary and important equipment in the recycling process of wood pallet. Wood pallets after the shredding, grinding and drying process can be made into wood powder. 

No matter in our houses and offices, there are a lot of furniture, windows, and doors made from wood powder. In some power stations, the wood powder is used as a green fuel to generate electricity. Waste wood pallets after shredding, drying and the carbonizing process can also be made into smokeless charcoal. In the paper-making industry, wood pallets after the shredding and chipping process are made into wood pulp, and then made into new paper.

Wood Pallet Recycling Line Features:

Wood waste is huge marketing covering animal bedding, fuel for energy generation, and feedstock for paper and composite boards. Waste woods such as trimming, offcuts and pallets are often easy to size reduce. Wanrooe offers recycling technology to the points and makes wood recycling simple.

Technology on Point

As discussed, waste woods are relatively easy to break. Therefore, a robust low speed, high torque single shaft shredder or double shaft shredder is a good option for dealing with such materials. From small machines to big ones, we have high throughput that matches your need. Moreover, Wanrooe shredder produces highly homogeneous wood chips with a customizable screen.

Keep away Metal and Dust

Some types of wood products contain metals, such as nails and bolts, posing a threat to a general shredder. With Smart Control and nitriding-surface-hardening rotor, Wanrooe shredder does not fear foreign objects. A belt metal separator helps with metal removal in the succeeding procedure.

Dust is an unwanted by-product during shredding. Wanrooe says goodbye to dust by implementing the de-dust system. At the shredder and conveyor, dust in the air is immediately vacuumed, eliminating air pollution.

The waste wood recycling system by WANROOETECH is developed in your interest. Take all safety aspects and efficiency into consideration.

Once a recycling system is finished, WANROOETECH tests it with similar materials to show capability and output. Seeing is believing, so you are greatly welcome to present and witness with us on site. If you cannot make in person, detailed videos and numerous photos will be prepared for you to exam.

In order to better provide you with a professional answer, when sending an inquiry, please describe your parameters or technical requirements (such as processing materials, output size, capacity, etc.), we will reply to you as soon as possible!

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