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Hazardous Waste Disposal

Medical Waste Disposal

Medical Waste Disposal

What is medical waste?

Medical waste is all waste generated by medical facilities, medical laboratories and biomedical research facilities, as well as secondary or dispersed waste. Although the hospital will produce a large number of medical waste, they only account for a small part of the total source. The incorrect treatment and disposal of medical waste will cause serious secondary disease propagation risk, because garbage collection workers, waste workers, medical workers, patients, and the entire community may be exposed to infection sources due to improper waste disposal. Open-air incineration and incineration without proper control of pollution will expose waste workers and surrounding communities to air emissions and ashes containing toxic pollution.

Medical Waste

Infectious waste:

It is a medical waste carrying a pathogenic microorganism with a risk of danger of infectious diseases. After placing the medical garbage bag with obvious identifier, the special trash can be collected from the hospital medical waste, after the special trash can be collected from the hospital medical waste, after the designated medical waste disposal unit is concentrated. Waste masks, gloves, shoe covers, protective clothing belong to this category.

Damage waste:

It refers to the abandoned medical sharpener that can stab or cut the human body. Immediately put the anti-leak-proof the hard container, then placed in a medical garbage bag with an obvious identifier, it was collected from the hospital medical waste, and the designated medical waste disposal unit was concentrated by the city. Abandoned medical surgery knife, medical scissors, a variety of glassware, etc.

Pathological waste:

It is the body of human waste and medical experimental animal bodies produced during the examination. Small parts can be sent to the funeral home by infectious waste treatment, large or large pathological waste. Operational human tissue organs, laboratory animal tissue organs, corpses, etc.

Drug waste:

It refers to expiration, elimination, deterioration, or contaminated drugs. Specialized by the pharmacy, deposit unqualified drug area, timely report the drug management department, and processing according to the opinions of the drug supervision and management department, the processing process should have detailed records. Chemical waste: It is a waste-free chemistry with toxicity, corrosive or flammable explosive. It is generally treated with specialized mechanisms designated by the city with special storage barrels.

Hazard of medical waste:

1) Medical waste contains a large number of pathogenic microorganisms such as infectious bacteria and viruses, which are infectious, can induce diseases or cause damage. 2) If the medical waste is arbitrarily stacked, not only a large amount of land, resulting in a reduction in land resources, and a large number of toxic waste residers or waste liquids are exiled everywhere in nature, and it is easy to contact the soil, resulting in soil pollution. 3) Medical waste will pollute the water through a variety of ways, such as causing the surface of the river, or falling into the water body with the wind, especially when the medical waste is placed or the migrant life waste is released, the harmful substance is in the rain. Below, it is easy to flow into the river lake sea, causing serious pollution and damage to the water. 4) Medical waste In the stacking process, under temperature, moisture, some organic substances have decomposed, resulting in harmful gases, causing atmospheric pollution.


Medical waste high temperature steam sterilizer design plans, medical waste adopts high temperature steam sterilization. Harmful treatment sterilized medical waste into the garbage incineration plant incineration or domestic landfills for landfill. Among them, the medical and health institutions are discarded by drugs and their related waste, which should be treated separately in accordance with relevant laws and regulations; human tissues, organs, and dead tires that can be referred to after surgery or autopsy. Sex waste should be sent to the crematorium. Radioactive waste, high pressure container, abandoned cytotoxic drug, highly toxic item, flammable and explosive item, heavy metal (such as lead, cadmium, mercury, etc.), It can enter the centralized medical waste central disposal center disposal, and should be transferred to the relevant designated unit disposal according to the regulations. Mainly disposed of infectious waste and injury waste.

Medical waste treatment plan:

Automated medical waste high temperature steam sterilization treatment system

1. Automated medical waste high temperature steam sterilization treatment system

The track is manually pushed or automatically delivered, and then sterilized the broken process. This is currently the most widely used medical waste treatment technology in the country. The medical waste is loaded into a special sterile vehicle and overall into the sterilization chamber for sterilization. After processing, the waste was poured into the crusher for destruction treatment, and then rescued the reduced damping.


● For large and medium-sized centralized treatment plants, suitable for the concentrated treatment of medical waste 

● Professional anti-corrosion technology, equipment average service life is up to 15 years 

● Exhaust gas waste liquid integrated treatment technology, the overall energy consumption is reduced 

● Specious control technology to achieve similar technology levels in Europe and America 

● Operation intelligence, processing process is automatic, PLC computer control (sterilization temperature, time can be adjusted according to actual requirements) 

● It can realize the automatic charge, unloading, sterilized vehicle of medical waste, the transfer and cleaning of the turnover box, no need to manually intervene, can effectively reduce the number of equipment operators and reduce labor intensity. Establishing infections caused by direct contact with medical waste. 

● Can avoid the spread of the pre-bacterial pellets in medical waste 

● Sterilizer is more likely to meet the requirements of medical waste treatment, continuous or intermittent operation can be achieved.

2. Integrated shredder sterilization machine

Isolation hospital uses medical waste on site for small hospitals, islands, health institutes, clinic medical waste, and single disposal volume is 80 liters, 800 liters and 2000 liters. The equipment introduces US technology to improve the problem of malodor in the process of vacuum technology. The equipment integrates high temperature steam processor, vacuum pump system and steam generator system, which is fully satisfied with the "Medical Waste Management Regulations", with a disposal temperature of 134 ° C, disposal for 45 minutes, and the sterilization rate can reach 99.999%, Wantrocket It has developed a small crusher for micro-equipment, which ensures sterilized medical waste reducer, destruction, and final material safety landfill.

Integrated shredder sterilization machine


● Installation, medical waste within the hospital, one person to operate 

● Equipment integrates; 

● Professional anti-corrosion technology, the average service life of equipment is up to 15 years; 

● Exhaust gas waste liquid integrated treatment technology, the overall energy consumption is reduced; 

● Specious control technology to meet the same technical level in Europe and America; 

● Operation intelligence, processing process is automatic, PLC computer control (sterilization temperature, time can be adjusted according to actual requirements).

Vertical Medical waste crushing autoclave

Vertical type:

Medical waste crushing and high temperature steam treatment integrated machines are designed for hospitals, small and medium-sized medical waste treatment plants, cover a small area, and a single daily area is 0.3 tons to 5 tons. The equipment adopts the technology of advanced built-in double-axis crusher and the process of high temperature steam treatment, the entire medical waste disposal process is fully automatically and is in a fully enclosed container, thereby making medical waste safer and more efficient. The environment is more friendly; the operator is in contact with medical waste during processing. The device not only fully meets the requirements of the Medical Waste Management, the temperature is disposed of 134 ° C, the sterilization rate is 99.9999%, and the medical waste after integrated and sterilized medical waste can be directly safe, but also reached The standard of medical waste disposal of European. The all-in-one equipment produced by Wantro has been put into operation at home and abroad, and is focusing on providing safer, reliable medical waste solutions to the hospital and remote areas.


● Installation in the hospital, small space, wide application worldwide; 

● The processing process is completely closed, no stench; 

● Operators and medical waste zero contact; 

● Professional anti-corrosion technology, the average service life of the equipment is up to 15 years; 

● Operation intelligence, PLC computer control (sterilization temperature, time can be adjusted according to actual requirements).

3. Medical waste sterilizer + Medical waste shredder

Centralized medical waste high-temperature steam processing kit is suitable for medical waste centralized disposal of large and medium-sized cities, and single can meet the disposal requirements of 1 ton - 20 tons of day treatment. The complete set of equipment fully meets the requirements of the Medical Waste Management, with a disposal temperature of 134 ° C, 45 minutes for disposal, and the sterilization rate can reach 99.999%, and the supporting equipment to ensure that the sterilized medical waste will be reduced. Type, the final material is safely landfill. Wantroche Medical Waste High Temperature Treatment Equipment Introduces US Technology, using vacuum technology to improve malodor in the process of disposal.

Medical Waste Shredder

Medical Waste autoclave sterilizator

Standard Configuration

Double Shafts SHREDDER 

YG AutoClave 

Hopper Automated Lifter & Dumper 

Control Cabinet

Optional Configuration

Screw Conveyor


● Suitable for a plan for few budgets, more economical; 

● Separate tear machine and sterilizer maintenance are more convenient;

4、Medical waste incinerator:

Solid Waste Incinerator,Medical Waste Incinerator, Hospital Waste Incinerator

Medical waste incinerator is a direct incineration device instead of steam sterilization. The waste material burns in the furnace and enters the secondary combustion chamber as waste gas. Completely burned in the forced combustion of the burner, and then into the flue gas purification device. After dust is removed, it is discharged into the atmosphere through a chimney. Garbage incinerator is a kind of harmless treatment equipment. It is often used in medical waste treatment, animal waste cremation, domestic waste treatment, industrial waste incineration treatment and special waste treatment. Cheap, compared with steam treatment, combustion emissions have a certain amount of air pollution.

Structural features:

It has the advantages of compact volume, high combustion effect, reasonable combustion process and high degree of no harm. It is an ideal choice for waste disposal in hospitals, hotels and various areas.

The waste incinerator consists of a furnace body, a blower, a chimney and an electrical control system. There are four chambers: the primary combustion chamber, the secondary combustion chamber, the mixture combustion chamber and the smoke purification chamber.

1. Gasification and pyrolysis incineration is used to burn a variety of wastes.

2. Easy to operate, low cost of operation and maintenance.

3. Gasification incineration, mixed incineration and burnout treatment can ensure low emission standards of dust and dioxins.

4. Fully closed operation is suitable for the treatment of infectious waste to avoid secondary pollution.

5. Compact structure, less space.

6. The highest temperature can reach 1100 ~ 1300 ℃, which can realize sterilization.

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