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Plastic Tank Recycling Equipment

Plastic Tank Recycling Equipment can treat with Plastic water tank, PE dosing tank, plastic storage tank, plastic drum, etc. The whole process includes shredding and crushing system. PLC intelligent system realized high automatic, the whole line just needs 1-2 man to operate. With over 20 years of experience in recycling, Wanrooe not only mastered the key technology but also improved machine designs to address specific product features. Wanrooe offers plastic water tank recycling solutions that are high output and low energy consumption.

Plastic Water Tank Recycling Machine

Why recycle waste plastic water tanks?


Large plastic water tanks are mostly rotomolded and injection molded in two production methods, one-time molding. Plastic water tanks are mostly used for plastic water tanks, plastic fishing boats, plastic wine tanks, PE dosing tanks, plastic storage tanks, plastic drums, aquatic square boxes and other large plastic products, product wall thickness, high durability, product size is relatively large.


In the plastic water tank recycling machine process of plastic water tank will produce some waste, long time use of plastic water tank will also be aging, these plastic water tank is recyclable, the recycled plastic can be made into a new plastic water tank.


The big volume and often plastic water tanks cannot simply be tossed away on landfills. This becomes a great business opportunity for recycling plastic tanks. From picking up a tank to recycling plastic water tank, it is a value-added and fully automated process. Wanrooetech has enabled numerous recycling plants and faculties to recycle plastic tanks.

waste plastic water tank recycling


How to recycle plastic water tanks?

As the shape of plastic water tank is too big, it is not easy to recycle, the first step of recycling is usually manual cutting to make the size smaller, but the cutting process is dangerous, workers are easily injured, and the cutting efficiency is low.


Generally, for large plastic water tanks, we provide the recycling program: conveyor belt + swing arm single shaft shredder + conveyor belt + crusher + hopper to handle.


Swing arm single-shaft shredder: choose PNDS-2000 or PNDS-2500’s swing arm single-shaft shredder, which can recycle plastic water tanks with a maximum diameter of 2000-2500mm, and the size of the treated plastic water tanks is 30-50mm.


Crusher: further size reduction of the plastic water tank, finally getting plastic fragments of 3-12mm, which can be put into new products and finally made into new plastic water tanks.


Plastic Tank Recycling  Machine Video:

Plastic Water Tank Shredder Video

Plastic Water Tank Crusher Video


Plastic Water Tank Recycling Machine Advantages:
Automation, reduces labor and save labor cost
Easy disposal of plastic water tanks with a diameter of 2000-2500mm
Wide range of applications, can also handle other plastic containers, etc.
Low noise
Immediate volume reduction
High capacity (10 second per plastic tank)


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