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How to choose plastic pulverizer for different materials?

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 pnmf plastic pulverizer

At present, the plastic pulverizer market is varied, and the quality of the plastic pulverizer  is not uniform. First of all, we have to look  our own material properties:

1:see what kind of plastic;

2: which type it belongs to,rigid plastic、flexible plastic or tensile plastics? 

3: the need for grinding powder hardness and melting point. 

Plastic pulverizer can be divided into PNMF plastic pulverizer  and  PNMP plastic pulverizer : Rotor Blades PVC Pulverizer Mill mainly grinding all PVC products, PVC sheet, pipe, profile, cable materials , PET materials and so on. Grinding disk type mainly grinding PE, master batch, plastic rotational molding and other products used. Then,you could  freely consult with our company,wanrooetech  machinery.


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