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How to select high speed plastic mixer

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At present, many users have many choices in terms of powder/powder mixing equipment domestic original vertical cone mixing equipment, but experts suggest that there are many shortcomings due to the vertical cone mixer, repair rate is very high, so in powder/powder or granular materials mixed, should choose horizontal mixer, the mixing efficiency of the equipment are high, mixing of good quality and discharge time is short, less residue. However, the following points should be paid attention to when choosing and using a horizontal plastic mixer:

1. Select plastic horizontal mixer according to daily production. Because the processing time of each batch of materials in the mixer is about 10 minutes, plus the time of discharging and feeding, the processing time of each batch of materials can be calculated as 15 minutes, so 4 batches of materials can be continuously processed in 1 hour. If you choose a mixer with a processing capacity of 100kg per batch, it can process 400kg per hour. Users can choose a horizontal plastic mixer according to their own needs.

2. According to the working principle of the high-speed mixer, the ability of the double spiral belt used for stirring and mixing to push materials in the opposite direction should be basically consistent. Since the pitch of the inner spiral belt is equal to that of the outer spiral belt, the width of the inner spiral belt should be larger than that of the outer spiral belt in order to achieve the same ability to push materials, otherwise, the materials will be concentrated in one direction. Therefore, this point should be paid attention to when choosing horizontal mixer.

3. According to the design principle, the gap between the spiral belt and the shell in the high-speed mixer can be 4 mm ~ 10 mm, and the materials can be driven to participate in the mixing by friction force. However, due to the different particle size and friction coefficient of materials, the mixing time of various components of materials is not the same, resulting in an uneven product. At present some manufacturers have realized this point and made improvements to the product. One is to pay attention to the machining accuracy, so that the bottom gap is reduced to about 3 mm; The other is to make the position between the spindle and the shell adjustable form, according to the amount of wear can often adjust the gap between the spiral belt and the shell. When selecting a mixer, the two forms of the product should be selected.


4. Pay attention to discharging mode when choosing a high-speed mixer. Should communicate with the supplier in time to choose the valve form suitable for their own process, at the same time do not choose the side outlet form. The reason is that: when the mixer finishes mixing and mixing in the specified time, the uniformity of the material can be guaranteed by discharging it once in a short time; If the side mouth spiral belt is gradually released, one is to delay the time and not reach the expected productivity, and the other is that the material has reached the uniformity, excessive stirring will make the material segregation instead, destroy the uniformity, so as to lose the significance of selecting the horizontal mixer.

5. Pay attention to the order of feeding when using horizontal mixer. It is generally cast aniseed first, such as corn flour, soybean meal powder, etc., and then cast group material, such as premix. Pay attention to the premix must not screw hoist feeding, the application of one-time tipping bucket feeding, or manual feeding, so as to avoid the segregation loss of the active components in premix.

6. When using horizontal mixer, feed batch by batch after the mixer is started. Do not stop the machine at the end of mixing and discharging, and then mix a batch of net material. If you start again after full load, it will cause the power distance to be too large and the motor will be burned.