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Seven ways to solve the twin shaft shredder motor overheating

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At present, there are many shredding machines, my company mainly produces twin shaft shredder machine, single shaft shredding machine, metal shredding machine, tire shredding machine and so on. However, there will be motor overheating when twin shaft shredder machine is used, so there are many factors for shredding mechanical and electrical motor temperature is too high. After the motor heating, the insulation temperature of the motor winding will rise, and the insulation reaction to high temperature is very strong, will accelerate aging, reduce the service life. If the temperature rises too high, it will make the insulation carbonization, lose the insulation effect, and the windings of the motor will short circuit and make the shredding machine fail. Therefore, the inspection, detection and protection of motor overheating faults are very important to reduce the accident rate, reduce accident loss and improve the economic benefit of enterprises. 

So, how should we know the motor overheating phenomenon:

1. Thermometer method: the temperature rise of the motor is measured directly with a thermometer

2. Handle method: touch the specified part of the motor by hand, and estimate the motor temperature according to the strength of the handle heat

3, resistance method: the use of conductor resistance with temperature rise and increase the principle of measurement.


So how should we deal with the motor overheating of twin shaft shredder machine?

1. The air gap between stator and rotor of motor is very small, which is easy to cause collision between stator and rotor. The simpler way to deal with it is to set the end cover.

2. Abnormal vibration or noise of the motor is easy to cause the heat of the motor. Should be excluded in light of specific circumstances. Vibration not only produces noise but also extra load.

3. If the bearing does not work normally, the motor must heat up. Whether the bearing works normally can be judged by temperature experience. The bearing end can be tested by hand or thermometer to determine whether the temperature is in the normal range.

4. The power supply voltage is high, the excitation current increases, and the generator overheats. According to the national standard, the change of motor power supply voltage should not exceed the rated value of ±5%, motor output power can maintain the rated value. The motor supply voltage shall not exceed ±10% of the rated value, and the difference between the three-phase supply voltages shall not exceed ±5% of the rated value.

5. Winding short circuit, inter-turn short circuit, interphase short circuit and winding break. After this happens, the machine must be stopped immediately.

6. Material leaks into the motor so that the insulation of the motor is reduced so that the allowable temperature rise of the motor is reduced. The machine should be shut down immediately to remove foreign bodies.

7. Lack of phase operation of the motor. In order to prevent the motor from missing phase operation, in addition to the correct selection and installation of low-voltage electrical appliances and protection devices, but also to strictly implement the relevant specifications, feed lines laying, and strengthen regular inspection and maintenance.