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Car Seat Cushion Auto Pillow Shredder Machine

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Auto pillow is to protect the car seat, protect human health, interior decoration products. With the boom of the economy, cars are becoming more and more popular. Auto pillow has also entered People's Daily life, become a family of cars to enjoy driving, enjoy comfortable car life necessities.

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Auto pillow used for a long time, the generation of old car cushion is also much. If the discarded car seat is thrown away at will, on the one hand, it will form certain pollution and destruction to the environment, on the other hand, it will also form the waste of resources. So abandoned car seat time can be recovered from scratch? How do we get it back? What suitable machinery will be used in the recovery process?

Now people commonly used types of car MATS are primary wool Auto pillow, fur Auto pillow, feather, feather pads, wool-like cushion, silk car cushion, the silk car cushion, car seat and so on with faith snow son hand knitting and leather Auto pillow, healthy air cushion, keep fit pad, cloth art cushion and contain a magnet magnetic therapy mat, fiber seat cushion, seat cushion of the four seasons. You can see that textiles and leather are the primary ones. This on this raw car cushion, jeep environmental protection production of fabric shredding machine can be very good to help you carry out the use of recovery.

Auto pillow shredding machine can be according to your requirements on the recovery of waste car cushion, the material will be destroyed into a suitable scale, convenient for your next treatment and use. Low noise, high torque, high output characteristics of the car seat shredding machine fully embodies the advantages of low speed, large torsion shear planning. Auto pillow shredding machine is especially suitable for destroying all kinds of waste clothes, waste cloth, head material, all kinds of waste under the corner material, all kinds of waste side foot material, waste leather, leather, fiber, old shoes, carpets, quilts clothing and all kinds of waste days, office supplies and so on. Discharge size can be adjusted according to user requirements. auto pillow shredder machine method can add material bulk density to reduce transportation costs, or do further treatment of the material, such as foreign body separation, etc.

Auto Pillow Shredder, Car Seat Cushion Shredder, Car Seat Shredder, Car Mats Shredder, Shredder Machine

Double shaft auto pillow shredder machine driven by double shaft independent, thus in the production, make the material produces corresponding crushed, to achieve automatic feeding function, the unique structure of knife shaft and the corners of rotary cutting tool, in the process of production of low-speed high torque, won't appear the phenomenon of winding shaft, or stuck equipment, so as to improve the production efficiency, The equipment is suitable for crushing all kinds of materials with high toughness and viscosity.

Please contact us for more detailed product information if you have any recycling problems with the scrap auto pillow shredder machine. We can recommend the selection of suitable models and integrate the most suitable scheme for recycling waste car cushions. Let customers in the case of as much as possible control input, access to more suitable equipment products or production lines.

In order to better provide you with a professional answer, when sending an inquiry, please describe your parameters or technical requirements (such as processing materials, output size, capacity, etc.), we will reply to you as soon as possible!

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